Use of quality access control methods for safety, managment, and security Alarm Systems


What is Access Control?

Simply put its managing access of personnel to rooms, buildings, or areas.  It can consist of something as simple as a gate with a chain and padlock, or a door with a locking handle.  Usually in business its the use of a wide array of equipment locks, electronics locks, card readers biometrics readers, unlocking hardware, and monitoring equipment to control, limit, or allow access.  

 Danger - Keep OutAuthorized Personnel Only

What are the Benefits?

  • Access Management.  First is locking and unlocking to allow your people access to where they need to be. A simple door lock with key may be adequate for your application.
  • Prevent unauthorized entry.  Something like a keypad or a card reader or a combination of both may work to allow your people access to an area while keeping out unauthorized parties.  
  • Time management.  You can use access logs to verify or cross check with time management to make sure your people were really working when they say they were.  
  • Handle personnel issues.  Temporary access using codes, cards, and biometric information can be turned on and off for service personnel.  Terminated or laid off employees can have their access turned off instantly without he need to recover keys or cards.
  • Safety.  Access control can be used to help with safety for both your personnel and visitors.  You can keep people out of areas where they might be exposed to dangerous situations of environments, and you can prevent intruders from disturbing your people.    
  • Instant control.  You can make changes with a good system from your own designated computer workstation.
  • Remote management.  With the cooperation of your IT staff or IT manager you can even control access and check logs remotely from your home computer, laptop, or maybe even your cell phone.  (Depending on the system)

Card Reader
Independent keypad

How is it done?

  • Independent keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners with controls may be used to deactivate magnet locks, active strike releases, or change the state of motorized panic bars.  
  • A controller or control system can allow for the integrations of multiple locations or points of control
  • Tying your system into your Internet connected network can allow for easy local and sometimes remote management of access control, and access to log information.
  • Hardware needs to be determined by your desired level of security, and the practicality of installation for each access control point.
  • A qualified installer will install locking and unlocking devices, integrate them with controls, and install control devices like keypads, card readers, and biometric scanners.  
  • One or more of your personnel will be trained in the use setup, management and programming of the system for daily management.

Mag Lock
Mag Bolt
Strikes & Locks

What does it cost?

  • Cost is a function of quality, flexibility, level of security, and complexity.
  • Even a simple "access management" device like a keyed door lock will vary greatly in price based on quality, and whether you have it installed by a handy man or a lock hardware professional. 
  • For really good access control systems with quality locking and releasing hardware, quality management capability, and good installation quality the price can seam expensive, but the relative gain in personnel safety, time management, business flexibility is immeasurable, and potentially reduced liability.

Stand Alone Keypads
Door Strike Release

What else is there?

  • How about liability?  
  • You need to make sure you follow the advice of your installing company regarding ease of egress for emergencies like earthquake or fire, and follow the rules of your local building department.
  • You may have a reduced risk of liability if only trained personnel have access to areas, which may be dangerous or require special training.
  • The risk of loss may be reduced if access to sensitive trade secrets, or expensive materials is limited to those with a need to be there.  
  • Integrate with alarm and video systems. Some alarm panels even have limited or advanced access management expansion capability.

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