Use of quality access control methods for safety, managment, and security Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

What is an alarm system?
  • An alarm system is a group of components to detect various conditions and alert you to abnormal or undesired conditions based on the detection of changes and the type of condition being monitored by the detection devices.  
  • Now that sounds all cerebral (over thought) but its probably the most accurate description.  
  • For example, laying a bunch of light dry brush and the ground all aorund your camp in the woods or the desert might alert you to somebody approaching your camp by the sound of the twigs breaking when somebody st4eps on them  That is probably one of the first alarm systems ever developed.  It work... most of the time.  
The Security Consultant provides a wide array of services, and installs many different types of systems.
What does a modern alarm system do?
  • The control panel watches the condition of a number of circuits and then acts on them based on its armed state, the type of condition, and the current status of the alarm.,  Maybe even based on the time of day or the condition of other devices or ciircuits.  
  • It can activate a siren or voice message system or even a voice siren.  
  • It can send messages to a central station.  (Its most important feature)
  • It can light warning lights.  
  • It can activate or deactive many types of devices.  
Fire Alarm Horn StrobeOutdoor Siren With StrobeFlush Mount Indoor Siren
Outdoor siren in an enclosure with strobe lightIndoor Siren with Strobe Light
How do alarm systems communicate with the Alarm Central Station?  (How are they monitored?)
  • Most alarms are designed with a dialer to use a regular POTS (plane old telephone service) line.  
  • IP communicators can transmit alarm signals to the central station over the internet.  
  • Cellular communicators send signals using a part of the cellular network designed for data.  
  • Some types of radio systems may be available in some areas.

 Telephone Network Interface DeviceInternet Communicator
Simple Trigger Activated Cellular Communicator       Fire Rated Cellular Communicator 
What kind of devices can an alarm activate?  

Basically anything that can be activated electrically.  The most common things are.
  • A Central Station Communicator
  • Sirens
  • Strobe Light
Some other things that are sometimes controlled by alarms:
  • Voice warning system
  • Gate or door lock or lock release.
  • Door holders
  • Garage door openers
  • Valves
  • Lights
  • Intercoms
  • Video recording equipment
The record rate of a DVR can be changed from an alarm input.A door strike can be changed to secure or unsecure depending on alarm inputs.
What can an alarm system detect?

Well, almost anything that is measureable to some degree.  However for practical reasons and to avoid false alarms some things may be a little more difficult to detect than others.  Some of the conditions detecable are lised below.

  • Moisture
  • Water Level
  • Flowing Water
  • Pressure
  • Infrarred Changes
  • Microwave Echo
  • Photo Beams
  • Weight
  • Strain
  • Shock
Open Doors & Windows
  • Magnetic Contacts
  • Plungers
  • Proximity Sensors
Breaking Glass
  • Shock Sensors
  • Acoustic Sensors
Moved Equipment
  • Sensor Loops
  • Contacts
  • Magnetometers
Moving Vehicles
  • Underground Vehicle probes,
  • Detection Loops
  • Photo Beams
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Rapid Changes
Basic passive infrarred motion sensor Wide area ceiling mounted passive infrarred motion sensorPhoto electric beam with high false alarm immunity
Acoustic glassbreak sensorWireless acoustic glassbreak sensor
Wireless smoke detectorSmoke Detector
Power monitorPull a part sensor
Temperature and huimidity probe monitorBox tamper switch
Vehicle sensor and underground probeWaterbug flood sensor
Window Shock SensorRecessed Door Contact
How do I control my alarm system?
  • The most common things are:  Keypads, Remotes, Key Switches
  • Some other ways are with: Card readers, Computers, oe even your Cell Phone
Napco Door KeypadsNapco's advanced display keypad with built in zone expander
  Standard remote keyfob for napco.  Works with regular alarm receiver.Virtual keypad on your cell phone or computer2 Way Remote With Alarm Status Display