Use of quality access control methods for safety, managment, and security Alarm Systems


We have been doing it for nearly a decade.

We have been installing videos
systems for almost two.

Virtual Keypad On Your Cell Phone
The last couple years there have been a lot of companies claiming to be on top of the "new" technology.  Some are new companies others have been around.  With all due respect we have been putting video images on remote computers over the internet for a decade.  For us its just keeping up and working with same quality vendors and manufacturers we have been working with for years.  

The ability of cell phones to act as broadband internet terminals is relatively new, but its really just a new application.  
Six Camera Views
We have been installing video surveillance systems in plants big and small to do more than just watch for petty theft as well. People rely on our systems for liability reduction, process managament, and manufacturing applications that far surpass the minor gain from petty theft prevention.

It pays to KNOW if your employee got hurt because he was screwing around.  

It pays to be able to monitor machines and equipment from your desk.  
Ip Cam Viewer Control Screen
We work with companies who monitor their facilities here from other states and other countries.

The ability for cellular to perform as a broadband internet device is relatively new, but really its just another broadband internet connection.  We have been doing THAT for a long time.  We are happy for those guys who are just learning how to do it, but if you want quality, knowledge, and experience you want us.  
Single Camera View
Digital Video Recorders

IP Cameras

Internet Remote Client Software

None of that is new to us.
Multiple Cameras on Multiple Sites On One Computer